During four long years, David Duran had seen enough killing.

But on May 6, 1865, three nights before the American Civil War was to end, there would be one more death.

His commander, General Nathan Bedford Forrest, was making plans to become the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan after the war.

And David had been chosen to prevent that.

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General Nathan Bedford Forrest, Circa 1865

Antonia Marie Petrangelo, Circa 1785

What would you do if you discovered an entire village in Tuscany full of cousins you never knew existed?

Donna Petrangelo faced that startling fact after a genealogical search sent her to Italy last June full of curiosity about her past.

She returned to Manhattan, quit her high powered, high stress job, and moved to the close-knit province where, in the 1780s, her great great great grandmother grew up.
She’s never been happier.
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